Raz Group empowers entrepreneurs to fulfill their passions in helping to form their commercial enterprises and to help them grow and prosper, making an important contribution to economic diversification and job creation. We aim to unite with those who have or would like to launch enterprises and to support them with Plug-and-Play services, business support, funding, and management aid. We are in for the long term to help them develop and expand their businesses sustainably. We invest in visionary people about gaps in the market and opportunities to turn their experience and enthusiasm into fully mature, market-leading, process-driven businesses.


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When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you. All the tools we will use


We carry out a range of deliverables, including

Providing experienced professionals to the company board

Mentoring and providing high quality advisory services

Consolidating go-to market activities across the portfolio.

Developing and enhancing banking and financial relationships

Managing government relations

Supplying Accounting and Financial services

Helping to manage HR and employee relations

Creating economies of scale back-office facilities