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Raz has established a strong track record of working with start-ups. Our doors are open to all entrepreneurs and all people who have a vision, an exciting idea, or a concept of creating a business venture.


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Raz Group has established a strong track record of working with startups in Saudi Arabia. Our doors are open to all entrepreneurs and people with a vision, an exciting idea, or a concept of creating a business venture. The passion can be tangible as a company is already established but lacks the supportive structures enabling it to take the next step. Or it can be an idea still on paper, waiting for the spark to set it into motion. We engage with newly established enterprises, often working from the conceptual stage. If you have a business idea, come and see us; if you have formed your business but need capital, help, and expertise, also come and see us. Since our launch in 2008, Raz Group has helped form and grow nearly 40 different enterprises serving niche markets and service sectors in Saudi Arabia and MENA. Our success is a result of entrepreneurship as well – starting with just a handful of employees before growing into a significant undertaking today with over 800 people driving our business forward. Raz Group’s door is always open for entrepreneurs.


Board of director


Riyadh Al Zamel


Riyadh is an experienced Saudi entrepreneur who began his entreneurship career in 2000, empowering more than 150 entrepreneurs across the GCC. Through the investment concept, he founded “Takaful Investment”, as well as being an investor in the “Shark Tank” program, and a member of 15 different social organizations and joint-stock companies.

Tariq Al Othman


Tariq is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors with extensive experience in  banking, industrial, real estate, investment and corporate sectors. With 15 years in banking and 13 years in real estate and currently serving as Vice Chairman and CEO of Tijara Real Estate Company in Kuwait

Abdullah Al Zamel

Board Member

Abdullah is the co-founder and board member of  Raz Group. He is an entrepreneur who has established several companies during his 20 years of experience, he empowered more than 150 entrepreneurs in more than 90 companies through Raz Group.

Basim Al Mohamadi


Basim is an entrepreneur who founded and contributed to establish a number of start-ups and successful projects. He has a deep management background by virtue of his specialization in a master’s degree in management sciences with a precise specialization in purchase and acquisition management from the United States of America. Basim’s administrative experience extends to 25 years.

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