Your Entrepreneurial Journey Partner

Raz is a pioneer Venture Builder that enables carefully selected passionate entrepreneurs who seek to unleash the potential of the region. We excel in enabling entrepreneurs with concepts and start-ups, as we support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey until exit.


Our growth-through-enablement approach creates an environment where entrepreneurs can meet their potential through joining a strong and stimulating learning environment, in which we share our experience and resources with the aim of building mature entrepreneurs capable of building mature companies, while at the same time prompting growth in the vital small-and-medium sized enterprise (SMEs) sector in the region for the benefit of society at large, and the enhancement of its human and financial capital


Reasons to partner with us

From Concept To Exit

Raz Group is equipped to enable passionate entrepreneurs with different needs, and co-build businesses in different maturity stages through the entrepreneurial journey: PoC, MVP, PMF, Growth, Ready to exit.

An Experienced Venture Builder.

We increase the chance for Entrepreneurs to build solid and sustainable businesses, in addition to paving the way of fast growth through our mentoring, coaching and business tracking frameworks

A Powerful Ecosystem.

Our Ecosystem of social capital, mentors, local and regional partners, experts, portfolio, and services facilitate the personal and business growth of entrepreneurs.

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Who are we looking for?

We seek highly passionate and truly exceptional people to join us in Raz. If you are looking for a value-adding business partner to either support you in talking your concept to the market  or accelerate your startup growth; you are welcome to apply to join us.

Get inspired

Stories of our top 5 entrepreneurs speaking about their journey and how Raz helped