Experienced Entrepreneurs empowering their peers
From their experience in building their own ventures, the founders decided to help others start their own dream companies. One venture after another, and the solidarity investment model was created.
This model was made to ensure the fairness among every party involved; the investors, the entrepreneurs, and the employees of the entrepreneurs.
When we were beginning, it looked like it may not be as profitable as other models, but patience and perseverance showed us how it created sustainable growth and profit for all.

Riyadh Al Zamil


Asif Sajid

Group Chief Executive

Abdullah K. Al Zamel

Mentoring & Development Director

Khaled Eleiwah

Shared Services Director

Tariq Rasul

Partner, Raz Consult

Salem Al Dubaib

Shared Services Manager

Mahmoud Al Shanqiti

Business Ecosystem Manager

Khaled Ali

Mentoring & Development Manager

Maram Munathir

PMO Manager

Muhammad Ali Akhter

Senior Manager, Asset Management
Shared Services
Since the entrepreneur is specialized and focused on the core of the business, this team will be providing support services that will take a big headache away and help the company become more leveraged and process driven.

This team will provide services in:

  • HR
  • IT
  • Government Relations
  • Accounting
  • Administration
Asset Management

The Asset management department sets investment strategy, supports new and existing entrepreneurs in financial regulations and guides the portfolio in financial best practices. The team is made up of Chartered financial analysts, Certified internal auditors, Qualified accountants and Tax consultants.

Services delivered by this team are:

Investment analysis and due diligence

Financial advisory and valuations

Portfolio management & governance

Corporation Tax, VAT, IFRS, Zakat support

Risk assessment and management

Mentoring & Development

The Mentoring & Development team helps entrepreneurs in many aspect throughout establishing their startup and while they’re growing. Their main objective is to help entrepreneurs, through tests and interviews, draw a clear picture of how their passions integrate and align to their business ideas. After that, it’s smooth sailing as the team will help them in establishing their business strategy and help in ideation when needed, and help them when their business is established by giving continuous mentoring and counselling to develop the entrepreneurs and to help their companies grow.

Examples of the services this team provides:
  • Build business strategies and provide strategy counselling
  • Carry out workshops and training sessions
  • Assist entrepreneurs in building the suitable culture for their company
  • Periodic assessment of the companies’
  • Continuous counselling and mentoring
Marketing & Networking
As they delve into their new venture, entrepreneurs will find support from this team to help in identifying their Value Proposition, target market, size of market, product development, and more. They will also ensure the entrepreneur is well prepared before walking into the investment committee meeting in the onboarding process.

The services this team can provide:

  • Marketing & Business Development Advisory
  • Marketing Research
  • Investment Packs Development
  • Workshops on Sales Pipeline Development
Consultanting & Advisory

At Raz Consult we believe that consulting is more than just providing advice to clients; rather we adopt a unique and highly contextual approach to solving client challenges.  That is why at Raz Consult, we first focus on gaining your trust (through our credibility as an authority in your business sector) over merely providing customer satisfaction.  We believe in building and nurturing long-term, sustainable relationships that last from generation to generation and go way beyond the completion of a project (or solving a client’s problem).

Our principal services include:

Strategy Consulting / Business Modelling

Business Performance / Operational Excellence / Transformations

People & Organizations / HR Advisory

Portfolio, Program & Project Management / Change Management

This super team stays close to entrepreneurs helping them in their whole journey when needed especially in the onboarding process. Basically they are the entrepreneurs’ project managers to Raz, and the account manager for Raz to the entrepreneurs. They will make sure everyone is responsive; Raz teams are working and submitting in time, and entrepreneurs are delivering on their tasks and assignments.

Examples of what they provide:

  • Lead the onboarding process from A to Z
  • Review Raz teams and entrepreneurs are aligned and on the right track
  • Follow up on tasks completion with Raz Group staff, entrepreneurs, and Raz companies when needed
Management Task Force

The MTF team activates when a portfolio company growth has stagnated due to challenges in executing strategy, difficult market conditions or general unwarranted underperformance. The team is made up of industry specialists, management consultants and efficiency oriented operational managers.

Services delivered by this team are:

Strategy, operations and financial issues diagnosis

Front office and back office operational management

Debt restructuring and department slimming

Legal, financial and business risk mitigation

Venture re-building